Hope & Clay Construction Ltd.

Queen Elizabeth Barracks

Church Crookham



The purpose of this website is to keep the local population informed of what works are being carried out, how we are carrying them out and of our progress

All works are currently on hold awaiting Service Diversions to be completed

These works include:

  1. A new roundabout on Beacon Hill Road with the junction of Leipzig Road
  2. The completion of the roadworks on Leipzig Road, with associated footpaths and street furniture
  3. The realignment of Naishes Lane.
  4. A new roundabout on Sandy Lane with the junction of Hampton Close
  5. New footpath and parking area on Sandy Lane
  6. Several Signalised and Uncontrolled Crossings around the area.
  7. New Road Link From Sandy Lane to Naishes Lane
  8. Raised Tables in Tweseldown Road
  9. New Junction Alignment between Sandy Lane and Aldershot Road

Works are required to highway improvements to the surrounding roads of this new development.

The development is being carried out by Taylor Wimpey.

Hope & Clay (Construction) Ltd. has now been appointed to complete these on behalf of Taylor Wimpey. These works are also known as S278 works.